An online store selling replica Chanel merchandise once appeared on this website.

A U.S. District Court found those who formerly owned and operated this website liable for making available for purchase replica Chanel products. For genuine, quality Chanel products that have been manufactured according to Chanel’s impeccable standards, please visit the official CHANEL website at

The house of CHANEL takes the online sale of counterfeit products very seriously. CHANEL diligently searches the internet, including online auctions and social media pages, in order to locate the producers and sellers of counterfeit goods. CHANEL does not hesitate to take action against online stores that sell illegal products, including, but not limited to, both criminal complaints and civil suits.

To those reading this who are considering purchasing counterfeit or replica products, we urge you to remember that purchasing counterfeit goods directly supports criminal activity. The illegal activity of counterfeiting often involves child labor, the use of unregulated and potentially harmful chemicals, and subpar craftsmanship.

As a reminder to counterfeiters, we are watching, finding, and taking legal action. Eliminating the sale of counterfeit products is a paramount goal of the company, which should not be taken lightly.